Top Economic Events to Look Forward to this Week By Fuad Ahmed

Top Economic Events by Fuad Ahmed

Economic activity in the 2nd week of May, remained quite volatile due to scarcity of macroeconomic events that took place. Along with these events, the labour market figures, Fed Statements and the report of Bank of England, collectively proved to be the reasons behind the hike in Forex Trading.

On another instance when U.S President Donald Trump fired the FBI Director, James Comey, the greenback came under pressure.

It has been a tradition that a market always yields to the economic trends evolving with time, as seen in my previous post.

Keeping in view the activities of the previous weeks and their influence on the capital market, it is important to remain observant of all the events that are to follow, in order to understand the market trends.

  1. 1st event to be held next week is in Thailand, on Monday. The event will be focused on Customs trade in USD, the event is expected to have a medium level effect on the economy. The previous results for the event were 1,617.00.
  1. The next event to follow is going to be held in Germany, starting at 6 in the morning on Monday, it will continue from May 29 to 30, 2017.
    It will be a month on month event with focus on Import Price Index.  The impact is expected to be low on economy, while the turnout is thought to be -0.50.
  1. A similar event on Import Price Index in the same dates, in the same country is going to be organized. The difference is that it is going to be an year on year event, with the low expected impact, the previous outcome of the event was 6.10.
  1. The 4th event at 7 in the morning will be held in Spain, on the 29th of May. The event is also seen as a low impacting event. The previous results were 0.90. This is a year on year occasion with focus on Retail Sales.
  1. At 7.30, an event emphasizing Trade Balance is going to be arranged in Sweden. A medium impacting event with a previous record of 0.90 on the economy.
  1. An event with a medium impact is going to be organized in the Eurozone, over M3 Money supply. This is going to be held at 8 in the morning. This event had a 5.30 difference on the market economy previously.
  1. In Thailand again, at 8.30 am, the event for Custom Trade USD, will be held. With the same medium impact and difference of 1,617.00
  1. At 11, the same day, an event in Brazil on FGV Inflation IGP-M is going to take place. This is an year on year event, with expected outcome of 3.37 and a high impact.
  1. The other event on month on month, held at the same time and venue, with the same focus, is also believed to have a higher impact. The previous turnover for this event was -1.10.
  1. At 11.25, a BCB Survey of Economists is going to be held in Brazil. It is a high impact event.
  1. Draghi speaks in Brussels will be organized in Eurozone, with an impact of medium level.
  1. At 11.30, starts the year on year Real Household Spending event, in Japan with low expected impact. -1.30 was the difference noticed prior.
  1. A Large Retailer Sales event will be organized in Japan at 11.50 am. This will leave a medium impact.

This was from Asia and Eurozone, including a few events from Brazil as well.

Here are some other important events to make notes of, these are taking place in the U.S exchanges.

       For USD

  • Empire State Manufacturing Index (Monday – 13:30)
  • Building Permits (Tuesday – 13:30)
  • Housing Starts (Tuesday – 13:30)
  • Capacity Utilization Rate (Tuesday – 14:15)
  • Industrial Production m/m (Tuesday – 14:15)
  • Mortgage Delinquencies (Tuesday – 15:00)
  • Crude Oil Inventories (Wednesday- 15:30)
  • Unemployment Claims (Tuesday – 13:30)
  • Philly Fed Manufacturing Index (Tuesday – 13:30)


  • PPI y/y (Monday – 00:50)
  • Prelim Machine Tool Orders y/y (Monday – 07:00)
  • Tertiary Industry Activity m/m (Tuesday- 05:30)
  • Core Machinery Orders m/m (Wednesday- 00:50)
  • Revised Industrial Production m/m (Wednesday- 05:30)
  • Prelim GDP q/q (Thursday- 00:50)
  • Prelim GDP Price Index y/y (Thursday- 00:50)


  • Manufacturing Sales m/m (Wednesday – 13:30)
  • Foreign Securities Purchases (Thursday- 13:30)
  • CPI m/m (Friday- 13:30)
  • Core Retail Sales m/m (Friday- 13:30)
  • Common CPI y/y (Friday- 13:30)
  • Median CPI y/y (Friday- 13:30)
  • Retail Sales m/m (Friday- 13:30)
  • Trimmed CPI y/y (Friday- 13:30)


  • Monetary Policy Meeting Minutes (Tuesday- 02:30)
  • Wage Price Index q/q (Wednesday- 02:30)
  • Employment Change (Thursday- 02:30)
  • Unemployment Rate (Thursday- 02:30)

Final Word.

The 1st week of May saw great upheaval in the Forex and Economy, the middle of the month remained more stagnant, but the coming week has many microeconomics events lined up, which is a sign of the market’s going up again.


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