The Importance of Forex Trading Education

Forex trading expert

The rapid evolution of internet has opened many avenues of learning for the new forex traders. Fuad Ahmed explains that where traders were challenging the traditional norms of the forex trading set by already established giants, they are always in the need to learn the basics of trading forex before starting it off as their …

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Algorithmic Forex Trading

algorithmic forex trading

 The world is experimenting with new ideas and introducing techniques to make lives of people easier. Algorithmic forex trading software is also a product of a similar idea. However heavy the term “algorithmic trading” sounds, it facilitates investors to trade with the simplest of methods. Fuad Ahmed, a currency trading expert and analyst, will define …

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How to Survive a Forex Tornado

Forex Tornado

Currency business is the most volatile business among all other trades done in a financial market. Fuad Ahmed, a currency trade specialist explains, that there are many factors like geopolitical situation, trade, employment ratio that come into play to influence the rates of currency. There are more unsuccessful traders in the market than there are …

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